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General Questions

What is Sperse.io Automate Hub for?

Sperse.io Automate Hub is a powerful Saas automation platform that allows you to visualize and automate your integration workflows between various SaaS platforms including sales, marketing, support and unified communication platforms, with easy drag-and-drop functionality. It also has a WordPress plugin for integrating and transferring data seamlessly from WordPress forms to other destination apps.

How do I install Automate Hub?

Depending on what you are looking to achieve:

Installing Automate Hub as a WordPress Plugin

  1. After purchasing Automate Hub on https://sperse.io/
  2. You will receive an email with a link to download Automate Hub, license key, and additional information
  3. Download Automate Hub on your computer
  4. Then, go to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugins
  5. Click Add New, then click Upload Plugin at the top of the page
  6. Click Choose File, locate the AutomateHub.zip file you downloaded, then click Install Now
  7. After the installation is complete, click Activate Plugin.
  8. Automate Hub will now be listed within your WordPress menu items, click Automate Hub >> Introduction >> Activate Plugin
  9. Click Activate License, then Copy your License Key from the confirmation email you received and paste it into the field.
  10. Click Activate your license to activate your Automate Hub
    The Automate hub plugin is now ready to go

Installation Automate Hub as a stand-alone platform (White-label solution)
Our team will work with you to to discuss your business requirements and create an implementation plan for the custom deployment of Automate Hub to your environment. If you’ll like to learn more about our White-label solution, please contact us

I am not a techy person; do I need coding skills to use Automate Hub?

No you don’t need coding skills to use Automate Hub as it is a code-free platform. Once you have your WordPress site setup, and you install Automate Hub, you can start connecting your applications with a few clicks using our easy drag and drop user interface. We have also created integration steps for each applications with both video and text description for ease of connection of your applications.

Will installing Automate Hub on my site slow down the performance of my site?

Every plugin adds a bit of complexity which has potential to slow down a site. However, we’ve engineered our platform to use the latest code standards, so your site be unaffected by Automate Hub. And also, Automate Hyb will save you from installing many other plugins which may actually slow down your website.

I run an agency that manages multiple client WordPress sites. How many sites can I install a single Automate Hub plugin on?

This is dependent on the plan you are on. If you require installation on an unlimited number of sites, Automate Hub Ultimate plan will be an ideal solution for you.

Is my data secure on your platform? What security Measures do you have in place? Are you PCI Compliant?

Yes, your data is secure on our platform. We protect your information from potential security breaches by implementing technological security measures including encryption, firewalls and secure socket layer technology. However, these measures do not guarantee that your information will not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by breach of such firewalls and secure server software. Our servers use high-grade SSL security protocols. Your sensitive data is never stored on our servers but with PCI compliant payment providers.

How does Sperse.io compare with platforms like Zapier, Integrately, Pabbly or Integromat?

Sperse.io Automate Hub provides an interface to connect and integrate lots of platforms in your WordPress dashboard without needing to leave your website. Sperse.io also offers unlimited actions at cost effective rates, WordPress plugin to connect your WordPress forms with popular apps, Activity logs to view and fix errors etc

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Your purchase (as long as it’s a first-time purchase) is covered by our 90-day money back guarantee to enable you buy with confidence.
Note that once we refund you, your software license will be deactivated. An active license is required to use the software on your website(s).

Can I try Automate Hub plugin for free?

Yes, you can download our free plan directly from the WordPress marketplace.

Are you on WordPress marketplace?

Yes we are, you can Search for “Automate Hub” in the WordPress marketplace

Are you on WordPress marketplace?

We accept PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Do you have an affiliate or referral program?

Yes, you can partner with us by visiting. https://www.sperse.com/partnerships or https://sperse.partnerstack.com/

Getting Started

Does Automate Hub come with the listed apps on your website or do I need to sign up with the apps separately?

Yes, it does come with all the apps listed on our website. However, you will need to subscribe to the individual apps listed on our platform to integrate with them on Automate Hub.

How many apps are you currently integrated with? Are all the apps listed on your website integrated?

We currently have over hunder Apps integrated and we are continually increasing this.

Can I perform unlimited integrations with my Automate Hub plugin?

Yes, you can. However, the number of integrations is dependent on your active plan. Visit www.sperse.io to see a list of our plans.

Does Automate Hub support two-way syncing between apps?

Automate Hub only supports one-way syncing of apps at this time.

I am using an embedded Active Campaign form on my WordPress site, can I use that as my source app and integrate with another destination app using Automate Hub?

You can achieve this by setting up a webhook on Active Campaign.

Do I need to have a WordPress account to use Automate Hub?

Yes, for the plans purchased directly on our website. However, there is also an option to white-label Automate Hub with your platform directly.

How-To Questions

I've purchased the Ultimate plan; how can I get started using Automate Hub and how can I get my license key?

You will receive an email containing a link to download the Automate Hub plugin as well as the license key.
Here are the simple steps to get started:

  1. Install the Automate Hub plugin on your WordPress site
  2. Activate the license by copying and pasting the license key in the activation area,
  3. Start connecting your forms with your favorite apps within Automate Hub

Can you help me with the setup of my Automate Hub plugin and connections?

There are training videos available on our website and directly within the Automate Hub plugin. Our support team is always happy to help. Please reach out at support@sperse.com

How do I find an app on Automate Hub?

You can find your app in the Automate Hub App Directory. Go to your WordPress dashboard, click Automate Hub, then click App directory You can do a global search under ‘App Directory’ or in ‘My Accounts’

How can I integrate my apps using Automate Hub? What are the steps?

Follow the instructions in the settings tab to connect/login to the platform.

  1. Navigate to “”New Integrations”” to add a new integration.
  2. Search and select your source form from the left column.
  3. Search and select your destination app in the right column.
  4. Drag and drop the fields from the source form to the appropriate fields of the destination app.
  5. You can change the name of the Integration title.
  6. Click on “”Save integration”” to add the new integration.”

How do I confirm within Automate Hub if my integration is working?

Navigate to the Activity log section to view if your integration is successful or not.

I’m struggling to make my integrations work; how can I get help?

You can navigate to the Activity audit log to check, retry and fix what the problem is. You can also reach out to our support at support@sperse.comto help you out with your integrations.

Is the triggering action from my forms to my apps instant or is there a delay and how long does it take?

Your data will be posted to the destination application in a few seconds

I don't see my favorite app in the directory, can I request for it to be added?

Yes, you can contact us to add your favorite app to the directory.

Features & Functionalities

How can I delete my integrations in Automate Hub?

Go to ‘My integrations’, hover on the integration name and select delete or if you would like to delete multiple integrations, select the checkbox for all the integrations you would like to delete and click on ‘bulk action’ dropdown menu and then select delete. This action would delete all the selected integrations.

What’s a webhook? How do I use the Inbound Webhooks?

In our terminology, the inbound webhook is referred to as the “Receiver”, we used urls to send data to apps instead of forms. A webhook lets an app pass information to other apps in near real-time. This could mean notifying a private application developed just for you, or a way to notify another 3rd party application that accepts POST requests. You can set up a webhook in the application you will like to use and add the URL in Automate Hub.

What happens when I turn off an active integration?

Your integration is unusable and your actions are not recorded in the activity log When an active integration is turned off then all actions currently running on that integration will be paused.

I’m a developer - how can I develop and add my own app integration?

You can make use of our API documentation or contact us at support@sperse.com

I see error 500 (internal server error) in Activity log of my Integrations? What does it mean and how can it be fixed?

The 500 Internal Server error could be caused by an error during the execution of any policy within Edge or by an error on the target/backend server. The HTTP status code 500 is a generic error response. It means that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. In ‘Activity log’ hover on ‘500’ and click view to see the error. In some cases, you may be able to identify the cause of the error in the return code on the left and side of the screen. If identified, you can fix the code and hit ‘retry’. However, if you are unable to identify the error and you’ve setup your integration correctly then contact support@sperse.com for assistance.

I see more fields on the source app, how can I customize the destination app with specific custom fields that I want to map?

In ‘Action – Post to Destination’, you can add a custom field for mapping under ‘Assignment Settings’

How can I collect the URL of a file uploaded in WordPress in Google Sheets?

You can use he form fields (RL) and the result will be on your Google Sheet

The possible tasks on the destination apps are very limited. How can I do something custom with some destination app? For example if a return customer purchases another product on my WooCommerce site, I just want their new purchase update in my Hubspot CRM and not create a new contact record. Is that possible?

Yes, you can select a new task that achieves that purpose.

I’m connecting a source app to multiple destination apps, some are working and some aren’t. How do I troubleshoot?

You can check the ‘Activity log’ to see the status of the connections. If all is showing ‘200’ then the integrations should be working okay. However, if some are returning errors, you can view the error message to identify the problem. If you need any further assistance, you can contact support@sperse.com

Can I integrate between Active Campaign (source) and Hubspot CRM (destination) using Automate Hub

No, these are destination apps on our platform and there is currently no direct integration between destination apps except you use webhook for the source app.

What does the Sync feature do?

This helps you to sync your contacts and actions directly with your Sperse CRM (If you have a Sperse CRM account)

I found a bug in your app, how to report it? (Select all that applies)

Please send an email to support@sperse.com or log this directly via our help center.

I had a problem installing the plugin on my WordPress site. How do I fix it?

What errors are you getting? Please send us an email at support@sperse.com and our team will be happy to assist you.

My integration is not working, how do I check for errors?

You can check from my Activity log page, common issues is you wrong connected the integration of the APP with the Automate Hub Plugin

How do I connect a WordPress form with an app I’m using in Automate Hub?

Go to ‘My integrations’, on the Trigger – Your source form, select the form and then on the ‘Action – post to destination’ select the destination app.

This is quite unusual but if you started experiencing issues on your site after installing Automate Hub plugin, you can uninstall/delete the plugin, check if the issue is no longer there and then reinstall the plugin again. If the issue persists, contact us at Support@sperse.com

5.0 Policies & Procedures

I purchased the Basic lifetime plan but I will like to upgrade to Premium lifetime plan, will I only pay for the difference?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time, and you will only pay a prorated amount of the upgrade.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime? What happens if I cancel?

Yes you can. Once cancelled all your integration will no longer be functional. You can up to 7 days to copy all your files.

My credit card has expired, how do I update my Automate Hub account with the new credit card information?

You can contact us at support@sperse.com to assist with this. In the future you would be able to manage your subscription directly from your portal.

Do you have a public product roadmap?

This is in progress

Do you have a Knowledge base where I can quickly find answers to my questions without contacting support?

This is in progress

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, it will renew automatically as long as your payment information is up to date.

Can I cancel the auto-renewal on my monthly subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

Which apps do you recommend for email marketing, SMS, Telephony, CRMs etc?

Email Marketing: Zoho Campaign, Benchmark Email, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Omnisend, Email Octopus, Drip, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, GetResponse, Sendinblue, Aweber, Convertkit / SMS: Twilio, TextMagic, SimpleTexting, EZ Texting, salesmsg, Sakari, Textedly, Ytel Telephony: Zoom phone, Zoho phone, Aircall, RingCentral, Justcall, Amazon SES CRM: Sperse, Hubspot, Act-On, Ontraport, Zendesk sales, Netsuite CRM, Workbooks, Capsule CRM, Sugar CRM, Monday.com, Insightly, Nutshell, Freshworks, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Agile CRM, Zoho CRM, Keap

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