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Close CRM


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Close is the inside sales automation CRM for startups and SMBs, to make calls, send emails, automate workflows and close more deals. It is a CRM platform that helps you work through deals with leads and customers through multiple different channels of communications such as email, SMS, or calls. With Close, you can organize and automate the communication and activities required for each lead, making it simple to know when to reach out, follow up, or reply. Close also provides automatic logging and syncing of data from the different channels of communication and your sales to create helpful reports. 

You can click here for a more comprehensive product guide. 

Pricing Plan

Close CRM offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and four different paid plans, that are mostly based on the number of users. Each plan, however, has the call, SMS, email marketing and core CRM features, such as Activity & Task Management, Data Import/Export tools, and Activity & Opportunity Reporting feature amongst others. 

  • Starter Plan (0- 3 users) – $25/month/user if billed annually and $29/month/user if billed monthly
  • Basic Plan (30 users limit) – $59/month/user if billed annually and $69/month/user if billed monthly
  • Professional Plan (100 users limit) – $89/month/user if billed annually and $99/month/user if billed monthly
  • Business Plan (Unlimited users) – $129/month/user if billed annually and $149/month/user if billed monthly

screenshot of Close CRM's pricing plan

Click this link for more information on the pricing plan. 

Other Information

Apply to join the Close Partner Program.

Competitors: HubSpot Sales Hub, Freshworks CRM, Zoho CRM, Outreach, Reply

See the instructions below to set up your Close CRM integration:

  • Go to the Automate Hub plugin installed in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on App Directory.
  • Select Close CRM and click on Connect.
  • Log in to your Close CRM account in another window.
  • Create a Close CRM account if you don’t have one here.
  • If you already have a Close CRM account, go here to create a new API Key.
  • Copy the API Key and paste it into the required field.
  • Next, give the integration a Display Name, and click Save Changes.
  • If you have multiple Close CRM accounts, you can add them all in the same way.

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